Monthly Archives: November 2018

Music and the Brain

Sacks Musicophilia

I just finished Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain. I want to share how remarkable his writing is, and how humane he is. He tells stories about people with neurological abnormalities and makes inferences about the brain’s meaning. My favorite chapter is “Music on the Brain: Imagery and Imagination” [pdf download]. He describes how he was different from his parents in terms of musical imagery, and he helped me to understand my amazing musical abilities. He is a remarkable neurologist, writer, and human being!

Homework and Fun at Home

Jace in kitchen

More than how my brain works, I’m thinking about all my homework. I’m always having a new thing to do. Mom always has a new thing on her list for me and it drives me crazy! We reached a compromise this week so I get more music time and we make play more like planning a fun thing than work. I’m home way more on weekends and sometimes hate them because of all the work, but this one was so great. I got to listen to so much music. Mom made cards of amazing fun stuff and we played Legos. Home made me smile! And we went to two awesome concerts. They were so good with many chances to sing along and I did!