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Feeling Better about Middle School

Nitschmann Middle School
I’m mostly feeling better about middle school. Mom and I got to ask Keller about her schedule and how things work. Homework time with Mrs. G is going to be awesome and will be what motivates me to get many things done. We’re going to have our own workspace I’m thinking in the library to study. No more gym which I’m awful at and no language which requires lots of talking. And I’m going to love music class. You made it, mom, how I wanted. You’re amazing. And I’m amazing too for making the plan all detailed.

How to Fight Global Warming and the Effects of Climate Change

Jessica Hellmann

Here’s a letter I wrote to an awesome scientist (Dr. Jessica Hellmann) I want to learn from:

Dear Dr. Hellmann,

I would like to visit your lab. My mom read an article about you and your Institute. I emphatically agree that we need to adapt to climate change and make amendments to our ways of living and managing more methodolically. Would I be able to a make a visit to your lab? I am a 10-year-old and majorly excited to meet you. Maybe I could help out somehow with your work at the Institute.