A letter to my middle school classmates

jace in maine

Here’s looking forward to understanding from my new classmates.


Many things are racing through my head. My bet is that I’ll love middle school and it will open many doors for me. I’m excited to join some clubs and enjoy again how it feels to be whoever you want to be without people expecting you to be a certain way. I can’t wait to start fresh!

How many times have you wanted to say something but been nervous and stayed quiet? Say you have an idea but just can’t think of how to describe it. How do you feel? Maybe another person doesn’t manage to understand how you talk. You probably feel bad, right?

Remember that when you’re around me. I feel those things all the time. Mainly I ask that you have patience and give me time to write. I am so much better at communicating that way. You give me that chance and you’ll see how nice and smart I am. Maybe make me your friend and you may manage to get used to these things about me. After a while, you won’t notice how I communicate.

Mainly I ask that you don’t make me talk about many things but do some talking to me. Tell me about yourself and what you like and anything interesting.

Please don’t treat me like a baby. It will make me all mad if you do. I’m super smart and can easily understand what you say. How about you just pretend I can talk and treat me the same as everyone else? I’m really a nice guy

3 thoughts on “A letter to my middle school classmates

  1. Karla

    Wishing you all the best for the start of middle school! What an exciting time. I’m sure you will find new friends and interests are waiting for you. This is a great note to your future friends!

  2. Roberta Meek

    Dear Jace,

    I love reading your blog. This latest is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to your classmates. Your brilliance has been shining through for years so look out world, here Jace comes to middle school. I hope you enjoy the new school and the chance to join clubs and make friends who love learning and thinking deeply like you do!

    All the best,

    Roberta Meek (your dad’s friend and colleague)

  3. Danielle DosSantos

    I hope you enjoyed your summer and have created many memories. I’ll be thinking about you as you start middle school. I will absolutely miss your smile at Calypso.
    Ms. DosSantos


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