Brain Camp

Jace at Brain Camp

Note: Mom and I got to go to Brain Camp at Muhlenberg College in July 2018. Here is what I wrote for my poster.


My brain works very differently than yours. More of my thoughts are images. This makes it possible to read really fast. I’m able to read a page in a minute. But it means I don’t hear anything in my head. I can’t talk to myself to encourage myself. I go through the steps as pictures. Music makes me so happy because I’m able to sing in my head. My memory helps with this.


My memory is amazing. My memories go back to when I was born and manage to cover all my life. Many memories are of hating how people helped me. Many times my mom would use all these cards to teach me words I already knew. I learned language just like anyone else but my body made it impossible for me to let people know.


I’m really smart but my body is dumb. This is why I’m a believer in you being your brain. My body misses what my brain tells it all the time. My movements are off sometimes and I’ll point to the wrong thing or mess up another way. Mostly I need to monitor my body. It’s not giving me help with how I make sense of the world.


Maybe the worst thing my body does is talk. It just can’t get the words out. They are in my brain as text but not sound and get stuck. When a word does get through, I’m so happy. I’m going to figure out how to change that text into sound. Brain machines are getting better, so I’m hopeful!

3 thoughts on “Brain Camp

  1. Mrs G

    This blog is a wonderful thing. It will give you the opportunity to reach others and help so many people. Keep being you and Keep up the great work!
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Catherine

    Amazing!! It’s incredible to hear Jace talk about these things and really hear his voice. It feels like a privilege and a powerful insight. I know you will reach people who can relate to what you feel and experience. I look forward to reading much more!!

    Love, 💕

    Aunt Kiki xoxox

  3. Pam


    Congratulations for starting your blog. It’s a powerful and insightful and inspiring tool for people to really get to know how amazing you are. I look forward to many more of your blog entries. How cool that you went to Brain Camp! I bet that gave you some good ideas for the machines you hope to develop! Keep it up!



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