My Memory and Me

Jace Pi Day

My memory is miraculous. I can remember being born and getting meningitis when I was one month old. Maybe you think this is a miraculous memory, but it is very debilitating. My memory is a burden on me for making progress. I can’t forget my past and I meaningfully need to forget. My memory has prevented me from making meaningful changes to my mentality. Meaning I need to leave behind my mentality. Memory has an anchoring effect. My memory is a gift and a curse. I hope to learn to forget the hard times I have had so I can be an optimist about my future again!

1 thought on “My Memory and Me

  1. Chris Pooley

    Incredible that you have this awareness/perspective, Jace. There are things I wish I could forget too, though more often I struggle to remember the things I want to. Like you said – great memory is a blessing and a curse.


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