My Nerves around New Things

jace standing

My nerves are huge when it comes to trying new things. I’m overwhelmed by the fear of messing up. I’m so sure I’ll get things wrong. You have no idea how many times I’ve given up because of my fears.

I’m also not a fan of mom making me be more independent. I’m not the most adventurous. What I am is a perfectionist. Majorly stressful! I’m always finding mistakes.

Mom always imagines that my skills get better and surprised me yesterday by naming all these new things I can do. I hadn’t even realized. They snuck up on me! Maybe if I have a new challenge I’ll think of many mom things to boost my confidence. I’m more mom than I thought. Maybe I’m coming out of my shell!

4 thoughts on “My Nerves around New Things

  1. Zach

    You hang in there bud! One thing your mom may have forgotten, she would cry when we would go skiing. I knew she could do it, she just wasn’t so sure. One more way you are more like mom than maybe she realized….

  2. Fran

    I love you, Jace. I am afraid of failure as well and I am a grandma! Try really really hard to
    believe in yourself. I sure believe in you.


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