Thank You, Next

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Home has been tough. I’ve maybe had the worst week ever. Being sick made me panic and that made me even sicker. My body wouldn’t stop moving. I think I named myself “marathon” for how much I ran. I’m going to lose weight. I finally took some medicine to get my panic more in control.

I’m longing to feel like myself. I’m close. I’ve been learning so much about myself, though. I’m going to mention a few things.

First, I am managing to make progress against mania in two ways. One is my getting obsessed with something. I can fight against that brain guy with my smarts and logic. The other is battling what my eyes do to my brain when I see something moving fast or with lots of designs. I hear screaming in my head. I can’t outsmart that but I can make that go away by using my amazing listening. Music is a lifesaver again.

Mom and I also listened to this book dad found about brains and how we think [Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow]. That was awesome.

Mom says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m proof of that!

2 thoughts on “Thank You, Next

  1. Jane Von Elm

    My heart goes out to you Jace! I know how hard it is to be strong over scary thought, sounds and lights, etc. please know I am always sending you good vibes from California to help you out with your struggles! You barely know me but I feel I know you somewhat well because I struggle with the same sorts of things! You are very strong in your brain & you can deal with struggles when you figure out how to make each one better for you and not so ominous. Being sick always seems to make me more susceptible to “bumps in the road” also and we can be stronger in just knowing that too. When we are sick our whole systems are weaker including our brains so we can try to give ourselves a break when we are sick. Does all of this make sense to you? I sure hope i’ve Helped & please know i’ m here for you always!
    Aunt Jane

  2. Fran Pooley

    Hi Jace. This is a great blog and I enjoy so much getting to know your thoughts. Thank you so much.

    I hear you had a hard week and think the holidays contribute to the feelings of nervousness and mania.
    So glad to hear you are taking medicine now. We need all the help we can get.

    I love you.



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