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Words in my Head

My new goal is to say more words in my head. I’m going to try when I’m answering math questions. My thought is that mom and I can point to a, b, c, d, e…

Maybe doing math can help me talk. All I’m doing is reinforcing talking – math and writing.

[How does that work?] When I write a word, maybe I’ll practice making the sound in my head.

[Was that working when we were doing math today?] About 10% of the time.

[Tell me about the 10% – What was going on in those cases? Did they have something in common?] Yes. All those times you [mom] helped by naming the letters before [the one I pointed at]. [Giving you a chance to fill in the blank?] Yes. Let’s do that to start.


Jace at his Center for Talented Youth recognition ceremony

Jace at his Center for Talented Youth recognition ceremony

Math is my favorite subject in school. My mom and I work on math at home many days. Math is mom and my thing. Mostly mom helps me with the computer part. Mom always makes mistakes and I catch them. I’m not loving trig, but manage. I’m so excited mom and I can do algebra together for school. I’m gearing up for pre-calc through CTY, too. My math skills are maybe my most impressive, managing many numbers in my head. I am a great visualizer, so I put that to work making pictures of the answer.