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Traveling and My Brain

Jace in New Brunswick in August 2018, on vacation with his family

Note: Jace decided to draft this post in dialogue with his mother, Karen.

Jace: My brain missed my house while I was on vacation. Mania made it hard to relax. Mostly I’m homesick because my brain is majorly moving a million miles a minute making sense of all the new things. When mom helps me make sense of things, I feel better. Like when she tells me what’s coming. It makes me a lot more comfortable. My guess is anxiety plays a big part. My goal is to get better handling this because I love going to new places. Mostly mom must manage my expectations.

Mom: What about other tricks for managing expectations? Do you use any memories to help set expectations—think about what a new place or new thing reminds you of to make you feel more comfortable? 

Jace: No. My memories are so particular I may not be able to.
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