Music and My Brain

Music is maybe the best thing there is. More than anything else, it helps me calm down and talk. I think maybe my brain allows music in the manner that you hear, more than words. When I hear words my brain loses them, but music sticks around. Maybe when I hear music I’m using a stronger part of my brain. Mom will give you a link to an amazing article about this. [It is Oliver Sack’s A Bolt from the Blue.] And listen to Johnny Cash!

2 thoughts on “Music and My Brain

  1. Andy

    J-dog – I have a somewhat similar feeling about music. I can both get lost in a good song and have it help me to completely focus. It’s why I do some of my best (and most enjoyable) work with music on. If the mood hits, have your mom play you Phish’s Divided Sky and then tell me what it makes you think about while you listen. I love reading these by the way.

  2. Donna Seiler

    Hi Jace, Mrs G sent me the link to your blog. I loved reading it and seeing your handsome face. I hope you have an amazing year in fifth grade. I will miss seeing you every day! Know that I am thinking of you.

    Mrs. Seiler


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