My Name Is Jace

Jace at the Nutcracker performance

Jace at the Nutcracker performance

I want to talk about how “my name is Jace” is so easy to say. Rob [my music therapist] taught me a great song that includes that line and now I hear it so it’s much easier to say. Next up is getting better at “I want” and we have lots of great songs for that like Cheap Tricks [“I Want You to Want Me”] and the Backstreet Boys [“I Want It That Way”]. I’m going to practice that next.

3 thoughts on “My Name Is Jace

  1. Donna Seiler

    Hi Jace,
    It was so nice seeing you at school when I went to visit. I love that you are doing things with a music therapist. I always knew you loved music. Have a wonderful break and keep practicing.

    Mrs. Seiler

  2. Jim Pooley

    Jace, what a great idea, to use songs as a way to work on saying certain phrases. I love to sing, and you have just shown me another way that music works for us!
    Love, Grandpa


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